Sunday, April 1, 2012


I recently snapped a couple of photos where L's teeth are actually visible.  He has four now!  I think he is working on more since he keeps chewing on his finger a lot, but it is impossible to take a peek in there. 

Also a doctor update: Leland is all good, just a virus.  No sounds in his lungs and as of right now he doesn't have an ear infection.  He weighs 20 lbs too.  I think he is starting to feel better since he had so much energy tonight he couldn't wind down for an hour.

BTW- I love our pediatrician.  She said L had one ear that looked red but she didn't want to put him on antibiotics until it actually became an ear infection.  He has had a red ear before and it didn't turn into an ear infection, so I am pretty sure this one will be fine as well.  I am glad that she isn't pen happy with writing prescriptions when they aren't necessary.  While antibiotics can do great things, they are also very dangerous when not needed, since they kill everything.  I am just really glad we are on the same page about this. 


  1. It is SO wonderful to have a pediatrician on the same page as you as a parent! Not feeling like you have to go to battle for your kid every visit is such a relief! Glad you got a good one!

  2. I love my pediatrician too. So important to have someone who you love! I am glad yo u guys are on the same page. Adorable pictures too:)