Saturday, December 3, 2011

Leland the Lazy

Have I ever mentioned how lazy this kid can be. Okay not lazy necessarily but he could really care less to crawl or walk (thank you!).

My grandma got him a walker to use over the holidays, since we will be in LS for Christmas as well. We used it over Thanksgiving and not once did he try to move himself in it. Again thank you Leland. I am in no rush for him to walk. He would sit it in and often try to bounce, sorry kid not the jumparoo like at home, but no actually moving his feet forward. Same goes for when you let him stand, he won't move his feet at all, he will just stand there.

But he did enjoy being raced around in the walker like a NASCAR driver. He would even pick his feet up as soon as you moved him. Too cute.

It is also where he stuffed himself on turkey, since it has a nice little tray.

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  1. So cute! Look at him! You can definitely link up any funny post! No worries- it doesnt have to be a top 5. One day:) I hope you are enjoying your weekend!! Enjoy racing Leland