Friday, December 9, 2011

It's the weekend!

Very excited for it being Friday! Mainly because I am linking up with one of my favorite bloggers today! Elizabeth from E Tells Tales! Super sweet momma with some great southern charm and wonderful sarcasm. I look forward to her posts everyday, seriously check her out.

But also because:
1. Classes are over for the semester! All I have left is one final next Thursday. I am done TAing for the semester, teaching is tiring. I appreciate all my teachers much more now, and glad I am/was one of the good students.

2. This weekend we get to go to Goodwill- meaning I get to get clothes that fit (maybe). All my jeans are too big and it is really irking me. We are going to go to the Library book sale this weekend as well.

3. Excited for the food that will be made this weekend/next week. Mushroom casserole, with Leland being obsessed with mushrooms I am trying to find new recipes that include them. Spanish chicken bake, ever since we left Spain I have been missing the food. Hopefully this recipe takes me back. Black bean soup, nice and comforting for the current cold weather we are having. I am making these puppies for breakfast.
And this is totally being made Christmas morning!

4. We made these cute ornaments this week, they are super easy. And as usual, I somehow messed them up. I try to be crafty but sometimes crafts don't like me. But more on this in another post.

5. Another craft I would like to try and hopefully I won't mess it up as well. For some reason we have a lot of vases sitting around, strange for never receiving flowers.

6. Got one of these in the mail yesterday. Hoping it works, Leland has been a tad fussy lately. Thanks for the referral Elizabeth!

7. Have all you momma's read this article about juice? Yet another reason to not give your kid juice.

8. This cutie saw Santa this week.
And hopefully sometime this week it gets posted online so I can download it and show you the photo.

9. Leland has a new trick! And I find it adorable as usual.

10. I finally have all the decorations up! I was trying to take photos of the tree the other night and a needy kitty decided she needed to be in the photos.


  1. I hope the amber works...I'm thinking of getting one when my baby Scott is born!

  2. I was looking through some random blogs from's links and saw yours. I love the video of him high fiving and smiling at his accomplishment:)