Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas decorations and a Santa!

Last week was successful in checking off to-do list items, such as visiting Santa and making salt dough ornaments.
(please ignore the extra blob of white next to his toe)
First we made some ornaments, using the recipe from here. And of course I messed a few up. Somehow there were air pockets in a couple so they puffed up while baking. But they still turned out okay, I just tell myself I am making memories by doing this.
I really wanted to do Leland's hand print but about two seconds into that decision I realized I was being stupid and dealing with a 7 month old, so instead we did a foot print. I also used cookie cutters to do Santa, Christmas trees, candy canes, and stars. But the fun didn't end there, later that night once they had cooled Jeff and I painted them. Why is painted so fun? And why do I never do it? Jeff wasn't feeling as creative as I was, so I did most of the work (and I was being a little controlling but in my defense he did one Christmas tree that I won't even show you- it is that bad).

I am most proud (meaning it looks the best) of the K-State Santa.

Here is MJ's cute ornament from the vet office.

And here is Leland first Christmas ornament.

Oh and we visited Santa at Bass Pro.
Leland could have cared less. He wasn't unhappy but he wasn't excited. Ehh, at least he didn't cry. I think the whole Bass Pro experience overwhelmed him, it happens to the best of us baby.


  1. All darling photos! I have a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament for you/him; it's the kind that needs a photo put in it. Can't decide whether to mail it to you now or hold it to give you when you come; let me know if you have a preference.

  2. Great looking ornaments!!! Good to know that isn't some sort of growth protruding out of his toe, though. ;o)

    He did really good with Santa!!! Every other Santa picture I've seen on here or FB contains lots of red faces and tears!!! :o)

  3. I just got Zane a first CHristmas ornament! I love yours. They are so personable and so cute. Looks like a love of Santa!! Love your tree too:)