Tuesday, December 20, 2011

8 months

He has quite a personality for being only 8 months old.

Once he learns how to do something, he quits doing it. Remember that video of him giving me a high five, yep that's over with. So is saying 'Hi' to people, he does it occasionally but not often.

He moves all. the. time. I still really love this photo even if he was moving too much for it to be clear.

He is very social. He loves people and his momma especially.

He loves turning pages in books. You will do it over and over and over again for the same book.

He is obsessed with the video camera. It makes you stop whatever you are doing.

He is starting to get into everything. But still is not crawling. He scoots a bit and rolls a lot. He will pull himself up to his knees but no further yet. He gets himself into very odd positions in a matter of seconds.

He is generally a happy baby. An amber teething necklace sure helps.

He has to find out where every sound comes from. When we listen to Pandora during the day and an ad comes on he has to immediately turn his head to the computer and find the sound. In the photo, daddy was coming into the room.

He babbles a lot, saying ba, ba and ma, ma. I keep encouraging him to say momma of course. He says something close to moum when eating, I think he is trying to say more? or maybe yummy?

This baby just keeps getting better. I have loved every stage in his life so far and I am sure it will continue in that fashion.


  1. I love that our kids are the same age. Zane is 8.5 months now. Isn't it the best! I love the page turning. He is so cute!

  2. Aww. Happy 8 months! It's all happening so fast!