Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keeping it together

I feel like things are on the verge of collapsing and I am barely keeping it together around here.  I feel like I am constantly single parenting it.  Because even when Jeff is around he is often working on school stuff.  So I am almost all the cleaning and cooking and baby rearing.  It is exhausting.  I am not able to stay on top of things at all.  I am trying not to complain but I just need to get my emotions out a bit and this is my go to for letting it out.  

I haven't taken a single photo since we returned from Michigan (not counting Instagram photos).  So you are stuck with an Instagram photo for this post.
(I was going through Leland's old clothes, this is from 6 months old.  I got a bit sad that he is so much bigger than that size now, so Heath had to make me feel better about it, and he did.)
or two.
(Leland totally posed for this photo then came over to see it.  Gaaah why is he acting so old now?)
And then there are a bunch of other random things:
  • Leland sleeps in our bed now.  When we got back from MI he screamed when he was put in his crib at night, he is okay for naps still.  I don't mind it too much except I have to lay in there until he falls asleep.  If I try to scoot out too soon he reaches for me.
  • Our house is in constant chaos.  I call it a good night if all the toys are picked up by bedtime and the dishes are cleaned up. Everything feels dirty but I don't have time to clean.
  • Leland's dresser is still in the process of being painted, meanwhile his clothes are in a large plastic tub.  This means he likes to go through and throw things on the floor every now and then.
  • But he does help put up dishes, awesome new trick.  I set up the step ladder and he hands me dishes one a time to put away if they are clean or in the dishwasher if they are dirty.  
  • I have several pounds of concord grapes to deal with from a elderly neighbor, still don't what to do with them or when I will have time to do such idea.  
  • I want to be social on the weekends, but every time I am I think about all the things I should be doing (see above).  
I am just hoping that things get better, that I adjust better, or just stop caring.

Anyone up for a Skype date?  Leland loves it, especially when he gets to eat dinner while Skyping. 


  1. I hate those seasons. Just remember that they are ONLY seasons though, at some point life will slow down.

    1. This is exactly what is helping me stay sane. This can't last forever.

  2. I totally sympathize with you. There are so many times that I feel like I am doing it all and am just completely overwhelmed. I keep thinking that it has to slow down sometime, right??

    That's awesome that Leland is such a good little helper with the dishes. He is growing so much!!

    1. Hoping for a slow down at some point. Maybe next year?

  3. I will skype date you! I am sorry you are so stressed right now.

  4. Can't help you with the sleeping issues but here are a couple ideas that might help with that list of yours :) (or things that help me keep my sanity with the little tots!)

    Freeze the grapes, they are good frozen. Check that off the list and don't worry about grapes anymore....

    Get another bin for the clothes for Leland to "sort" and put them from one bin to the other. OR get two bins. He might love this (Ashley does)

    Find some Pinterest activities to do outside on your patio since the weather is getting nice. I recommend colored rice, cloud dough, playing with buttons, water table, frozen colored ice cubes and many more from my pinterest page. That will bring the mess outside and keep the inside less cluttered. Put a blanket outside with all his books- he loves books!!! During that time you read a little yourself or just lay and relax.

    Let him bang on some pots and pans as you clean portions of your house 15 minutes a day. OR give him a broom, dustpan, spray bottle and clean rag and let him help you clean too- Ashley LOVES that! Tape a small little square on the floor and tell him to put his mess or trash or things his broom picks up in the square. Put on some music and dance with him while cleaning- he loves music and dancing- combine it with cleaning!

    Try at least one crock pot meal a week- prep and clean up easy. Are you still weekend cooking? Could you do some freezer cooking?

    Get outside with Leland- you LOVE being outside. During naps, read a little to him and read a little for you- you love reading.

    On the weekend- to be social invite some people over for freezer cooking or to join in on the weekly cooking you and Jeff do on Sunday. That way you get meals made and you get to socialize!

    Hope this list helps. I feel for you. There have only been a couple weeks where Rob has traveled and I have had to single parent it. Not fun being in survival mode. Laland's such a good little kid that I am sure if you find ways to incorporate him in with the chores you would like to do he'd be right alongside of you!

    Good luck! Wish we lived closer to help.


  5. I can relate. I sit with a house full of mess, and just overall not being able to get things in order. I hate it but then I realize, that it all will eventually get done. Email me if you ever want to talk. xoxo