Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's just a phase...

When do kids stop being in "just a phase" all the time and start being real people?  I feel Leland is always in a phase.  When he is doing something particularly annoying (like running into the street or waking up at all time of the night) I try not to get too upset about it or discouraged because those things have to be phases, right?  I am usually right about that because after a couple weeks have passed I will realized whatever annoying habit he had, he forgot about it and decided to pick up a new one.  Such as throwing objects (our current life lesson).

He is now apparently over the sleeping in our bed phase.  He wanted to sleep in his crib last night and did until about 4 am when he yelled at me to come get him and had some milk.  Which is good, but sad at the same time.  If I am lucky he will go in and out of this phase for a while because I really like having him to cuddle at night.

So when do kids stop being in phases?  It seems like it lasts until adulthood and then moodiness takes over. 

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