Monday, September 17, 2012


I am super lucky to have some great mom friends in the area.  They all get how hard it is to single parent and are always willing to help out.  Meaning constantly inviting us over for dinners and whatnot.  It is really nice.  We are able to talk about life and babies and relax with some wine.  It is always much appreciated and needed. 

I am excited to say we are actually planning a night out sans baby on Thursday.  Hopefully we don't talk about the offspring too much.  

I hope all you other mothers have a similar outlet.  I found these moms through a playgroup in our neighborhood that was originally organized on  So if you are needing to find a group, look there.  There are so many groups on that website, it is crazy. 

It is nice finding other parents to relate to on parenting topics and life topics.  Most of my pre-baby friends are still sans baby so it is hard to connect on that level sometimes.  Because unless you are going through the same thing (teething, toddlerness, sleepless nights) you can only talk about someone's kid for so long (which is completely understandably).  So other moms are needed to help that side of my life.

I have a feeling this week will be much better than the last. 

P.S. Leland chose to sleep in his crib tonight, good but also kind of sad.

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  1. I am so glad you are having a better week!!! meet is awesome!