Thursday, April 19, 2012

growning-up and a birthday

Besides the sleeping in the crib trait, Leland also now insists on using utensils to eat with, and using bowls to eat out of or plates to eat off of.

He understands request from me, such as 'please give me your binkie'.  He babbles a lot.  But no clear understandable words yet, besides hi.  He is really into waving at people right now.  If he is in the stroller he will have at people a block away.  He really hates it when people ignore this.  He also like to throw fits when food is not given to him fast enough.  

He also took a couple of steps, toward my phone.  But then got embarrassed by it and crawled to his room. He has refused to re-attempt this feat thus far.   Well he seems to only attempt to walk on Sundays.  The other days of the week are for crawling.  I think he just wants to wait until he feels more stable.  He can stand on his own and will shuffle his feet a bit, and then go down to crawl.  But I am not complaining since crawling is easier to contain than walking. 

I told him he can take his time because all this growing up is too much for me.  One step at a time, literally. 

But now he is one, ONE!  This year has flown, but I also feel that time without him doesn't exist.

It is crazy to look back at photos a couple of months ago and see a baby face.  He already looked so much older.  My baby is slowly disappearing and it is crazy.

I have been ignoring this day as much as possible.  I know if I think about it too much I will start crying.  Thankfully I have been busy and there is very little time to dwell.  But randomly this week I will get a moment of anxiousness and I think it is related to Leland turning one.  Really I have no idea why I am feeling this way, but it is my best guess.  

Happy Birthday Leland, looking forward to the many years to come.
p.s.this is my 400th post!

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  1. I saw on fb- I can't believe it! What a big boy! Don't they grow so quickly! He is gorgeous!