Thursday, April 26, 2012

Leland 365

So I may have taken a photo of Leland every single day for a year.  Then I created a book, which is on its way to me as we speak.  (and yes Grandmas there is a copy for you coming as well.)

Here is the slideshow of the book.

The inscription in the beginning of the book:
I decided to take on this project after realizing I took a photo each day for the first month of your life.  I figured, why not continue it for the next 11 months?  Somedays I almost forgot, but there was always a photo taken (even if it was at 10 p.m.). 

It has been amazing to watch you grow.  This book documents your first year very well.

Love you,



  1. AWW - that is so sweet. I know I've taken thousands of pictures of Andrew, but I think I did miss some days. I know you will always cherish that book :)

  2. This is amazing! What a great gift!