Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trip home

Long post and no photos to boot, haven't gotten around to uploading the few photos I took.
To sum up the trip back to KC: exhausting

It was good to see family again but it was just too close to our last visit.  I wasn't all that excited to go back like I was when we went back for Thanksgiving.

The first day we were there I was worthless because I felt sick.  I was achy and felt like I was getting strep throat.  I ended up going to bed super early, like 7pm and slept for 12 hours.  Except for the hour of 3am when Leland woke me up vomiting.  It was awesome.  But luckily there was a fresh bed waiting for us in the next room so we didn't have to deal with it too much that night.  And the next morning I felt like a new person.

We crammed in seeing multiple friends, three Christmases, grandparent visits, and an 80th birthday while we were there.
Side note: old people are funny.
We were at my Grandma's on her birthday and her phone rang while Leland was taking a nap in her bedroom. She decided not to answer it since company was over but the answering machine (yeah, she still has one of those) is in her room.  So she answered the phone only to hang up on the person so they couldn't leave a message. She then says," Well I don't know why they are calling today anyway." We all just stare at her, and then she realized they were calling because it is her birthday.

Leland also decided to stop eating solid food while on the trip.  Thankfully he is back to eating solids.  We made kale pesto with mushrooms and he scarfed it down.  Maybe he doesn't like eating crappy too?  He has refined taste buds for an almost 9 month old.

The trip ended with Leland become very clingy to me, I think the mass amounts of new people made stranger anxiety develop quickly.  He also started to teeth like crazy and go through a growth spurt.  The last night there and first night back in Denver he woke up more times then I can remember wanting to eat.  He also wanted to eat every 2 hours during the day, needless to say I am sore.

He started crying after being around people for extended periods of time, he was just ready to be back to our normal routine, and so was I.  If we were in a room with a few people and he was crying, as soon as I would leave the room and go some where quiet, he would be fine.

As I said before, we won't be doing two trips that close together again.  It is just too much.  But I wish the trip would have lasted one day longer because our new baby niece was born the day after we left!  If Laura had gone into labor a few hours earlier I would have stayed around, but we didn't know she was in labor until we arrived back in Denver.

So that was the trip.  Glad to be back home and in my own bed.  (And so is Leland, boy took three naps yesterday!)

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