Friday, January 6, 2012


I have many resolution or plans for the new year.  Hopefully I can actually stick to some of them.  

- stretch: I really need to be better about stretching on a regular basis.
- garden: have a bigger garden and be more proactive with it.
- books: read one book a month, this may be a bit of a challenge with my crazy school semester that is coming up
-photography: continue taking a photo a day of Leland and try to expand my photo subjects beyond Leland.
-be a better mom and wife: improvements can always be made

-try to buy everything organic, local or seasonal: we already buy our produce organic and local when possible.  I need to be better about buying seasonal products.
- eat less meat, chocolate and sugar: we limit ourselves to one meal a week with meat, but I still feel like this is a lot
- be better about making everything from scratch.
-try to freeze and can produce when it is in season for year round use.

- be more conscious about buying products: try to buy used, or items with less packaging, or items that were made locally/sustainably
-try to use the air conditioner as little as possible this summer

Leland's resolutions are to be happy, healthy and eat as much as possible. 

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