Monday, January 9, 2012

TAT: Playroom

Toddle Along Tuesday is back! For this week the topic is showing your play areas/rooms in your house.  In our tiny house, we have two play areas.

1. Leland's room.  We play in here first thing in the morning and throughout the day.  I have to switch it up for him or he starts to get bored.  We have two main buckets/holders for toys, both were purchased at Target while on sale.  The mirror is a key element in this room, he loves it.

2. The living room.  This is where all his books are and a small number of toys are kept (really we have too many toys and don't know where to put them all!).  These toys are all stored in a magazine holder that has been around the house for many years, but recently got re-purposed to hold toys.  This is also where Leland has a shoe box full of random things, a post with more details coming soon!  He also now gets to play with the keyboard I fried. 

If these two areas get boring, we also check out mommy and daddy's room and play at the bookshelf there, or we try and get out of the house.  The older he gets the harder it is to entertain him!  We will soon be purchasing Denver Zoo, Children Museum and Botanical Garden memberships to help with this.  We also regularly go to the library and have a weekly play group.  I am looking forward to it being nicer outside so we can go play at the park.


  1. Hahaha Carina loves to play with our keyboard, too!

  2. Leland is adorable. And I LOVE that quilt on the floor in his room!