Friday, January 20, 2012


The Christmas gift I was most excited to start playing with was Adobe Lightroom 3.  Super excited to receive it from the in-laws and  I finally got around to installing it.  I sat down the other night and decided to start exploring and somehow I wasted the entire night, umm wow.

I am going to have to limit myself on how many photos I edit with it and how many nights a week I edit.  Otherwise I will never finish that thesis that needs to be written.

Here are some edited photos:

But some photos are best left unedited:
 I have the most photogenic cats ever, they constantly pose for me without my asking.


  1. I love the first one, that is awesome! Okay, I think I need to try Lightroom now.

    1. It is addictive. You have been warned. You should see if Christine is able to get the Teacher version, it is much cheaper.