Friday, January 13, 2012

Leland's box

I had been giving Leland random things to play with that are not necessarily toys because he loves it.  His favorite item is my keys.  But after seeing Kristin's post from Project:BABY I decided to make a whole box worth of items.  Genius idea! 

This has been an essential item for getting lunch together, getting ready to leave the house, any other random times where I need him to stay preoccupied and not be clingy.

So what is in Leland's box?

 The cats are constantly trying to steal items out of the box. 
 From the top:
- ipod running holders, one for a regular, one for a mini
- extra set of keys, we still have keys to our parents' houses
- running watch (I use to think I was a runner, I know better now)
- highlighter, some of these items are currently safe for Leland but may have to be swapped out and he gets older and learns how to take caps off.
- old K-State ID
-old thermometer
- key tag
- combination lock
- pens and a pencil (I made sure to take the eraser and lead out of the equation)
- old insurance cards
- old cell phone (with battery removed)
- binder clip
- protractor
- shoes that don't fit
- lotion
- string
-he is holding a tube of chapstick as well

It is safe to say he loves it and if I ever find something new to add I do because this boy gets bored easily.  


  1. Liam loves his box, too. It has mostly old kitchen items--measuring cups, spoons, a whisk, etc. I hadn't thought about the old cell phone, but that's a good idea. He's always trying to steal mine.

    1. Leland likes the cell phone okay. It still is not as interesting as mine, since this one doesn't light up or have a display anymore.

  2. Look at him and his box:) what a cute idea!!

  3. great idea ::runs to write this down::