Friday, January 28, 2011

28 weeks

We are now into the third trimester.  I am feeling more worn out earlier in the day, like 5pm.  I wish I had time in the day to take a nap, it would really help.  But out of the days I work, only one is a full shift which is nice.  I have noticed that when I eat lately I am getting fuller quicker.  Even though my stomach keeps expanding my belly button is still an innie, I think this is only because I have a ridiculously deep belly button.  It does look a little funny though, but still an innie. 

My only complaint right now is people telling me how much bigger I look than the last time I saw them.  Or how much I have grown in a couple weeks.  I wish people would just keep their mouths shut.  They make think it is cute I am getting larger, but that is because it is not them gain weight.  I know I need to gain weight, and I am fine with getting bigger.  I just don't like how others like to point it out and go on and on about how much I have grown. 
I guess another complain is people in public staring at me.  I would be fine if they would just say something but instead I just get stares, like they can't decide if something is wrong with my stomach or I am pregnant. 

I think I am done collecting cloth diapers though!  One more thing down on my to-do list. 


  1. I think you look longer!...and cute...believe me...I did not look as good as you mom

  2. and the other thing is that they are probably trying to decide when they are staring if you are 14!...remember how young you mom