Thursday, January 20, 2011

27 weeks

So there is only three months left.  And I have a lot to do within those 90 days, like finish getting all the supplies needed for a baby, taking a birthing class of some sort, starting and finishing a semester at school, cleaning everything in this house because it all looks and feels dirty, cleaning all the baby clothes, prepping all the cloth diapers, etc, etc. 

I am also feeling huge.  And can't seem to get full or satisfied when eating.  I will be full and then hungry 30 minutes later.  With this, I am trying to make healthy choices in eating and not over do it.  And sometimes I just ignore the hunger because I know I have eaten plenty already. 

Had another doctors appointment on Monday, everything is good.  I go back to two weeks, the two week appointments have already started.  And I have to take the gestational diabetes test the next time.  I am a little worried about it, but hopefully everything is fine. 


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while and figured it was about time to say hello. Im so happy that you're pregnant, and that a child is coming into the world who is the product of two really cool people. I wish you well and hope we run into each other in the future!

    --Michael Hoyt :)

  2. Mikey! Oh my goodness, how are you!? And thanks!