Monday, January 17, 2011

Spain Part 1

On Wednesday the 5th we started the journey to Spain by leaving Denver around 7 am on a flight to Charlotte, then we flew from Charlotte to Philly and then Philly to Madrid.  We arrive in Madrid on Thursday the 6th at about 7am.  We were really tired but knew we had to stay awake to avoid jet lag. 

I personally found Madrid the worst town we visited.  It is really large and it just wasn't all that great compared to every other town.  We took the metro to old town at some point in the day, after getting lost on the way to the hotel.  We visited Plaza Mayor where I believe many executions took place in. 
Then we took a very much needed nap, it only lasted about an hour but it felt like I had slept hours.  We ate some bocadillos and walked around the hotel area and city park.  Ate dinner and went to bed. 

Friday the 7th we woke up early to rent a car and drive to Granada.  On the way to Granada we stopped in Toledo to visit the cathedral.  It was a very impressive cathedral, but unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside, so I just have a picture of the outside. I cannot get over how massive these cathedrals are.  It is just amazing.
We then proceeded to Granada where we stayed for two nights.  That night we ate tapas for dinner, which consisted of really good sausages, cheese, bread and jamon.  And Jeff and I walked around old town for a little while after dinner. 

And again all the photos we took can be found on shutterfly, there is a link to the right of this post. 

More on the trip tomorrow. 

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