Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spain Part 3

On Monday the 10th we took a walking tour of Sevilla, hosted by an English speaking local.  Later that afternoon we visited the massive Gothic cathedral of the town.
Later we walked to the river, ate some really good chocolate cherry gelato and ate more tapas for dinner.  The best tapa of the dinner was pig cheek.  

On Tuesday the 11th we walked across the river to visit another part of Sevilla.  On the way we found a market and bought some spices ( saffron and paella seasoning).  Then we went to the Palace and its massive gardens.  We were on a time limit since we had to return the rental car and fly to Bilbao that night, but you could have spent an entire day in the gardens.  

Once we got to Bilbao we ate more tapas for dinner, which in that region of Spain (Basque) they have their own language and tapas are pintxos. 

On Wednesday the 12th we then traveled to San Sebastian by train.  There was a lot of traveling involved once we got to Spain, I felt like I was taking Dramamine every day.  We then walked around the town for a while.  That evening we had a very good and relaxing dinner and we all agreed that we ate too much that day/dinner. 

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