Sunday, January 16, 2011

25, 26 Weeks

So I been absent, but with good reason.  We had a vacation to Spain!  And it was really nice, and I will updating on that later.  I am currently uploading about 700 pictures from the trip onto shutterfly, you can find that page to the right.  But while I was gone, I still took my weekly photos.
So on the day of week 25, the day was spent flying to Spain.  Three flights and up for way too long to get there.  One stop was in Philadelphia and we found a liberty bell made from legos in the airport. 

The day of week 26 we were in San Sebastian.  Here the bump is with el biblo, the book Jeff's parents could not put down the whole trip. 

Overall, I am feeling very large.  Bending over is getting harder and harder.  When laying down or sitting it is getting harder to find a comfortable position. But the baby is kicking away. 

Another appointment is tomorrow and looking forward to it, it seems like forever since the last one. 

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