Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spain Part 4

So finally I am getting around to finishing off the trip.

On Thursday the 13th, we had churros and chocolate for breakfast, which were really good.  We also went to the market and wondered around.  The fish smell was getting a little too strong for me so I had to steer clear of that area.  After the market we went to the aquarium, which was decent.  A large part was more museum than aquarium.  Then we walked along the beach for a while. 
For dinner that night we went from bar to bar and ate tapas, some of Jeff's favorites were bacalao, foie, risotto, lobster over rose oil and beef cheeks. 

On Friday the 14th, we had crepes and french toast for breakfast.  Then we walked to the hilltop park in San Sebastian. 
Today was also the day that I had the best chocolate croissant of the trip, which I ate one everyday.  Then we had to take the bus back to Bilbao which was an awful ride, I wish we would have taken the train back.  Then for dinner we made sure to have one more plate full of Serrano jamon. 

On Saturday the 15th, we flew all day.  We first had to fly from Bilbao to Madrid, then Madrid to Philly then Philly to Denver.  It was a long day, but at least when we got to Denver we could sleep since it was 9pm.  The kitties were very happy to see us.  Overall it was a good trip and I now miss eating a chocolate croissant everyday and Serrano jamon. 

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  1. I caught an Andrew Zimmern show on eating in Spain today. Did we ever see suckling pig on a menu? He talked a lot about them and ate one while raving about how good it was. I'm not sure any of us would have eaten a whole baby pig. Then he visited the Madrid Jamon Museum and talked a lot about the obsession with ham and claimed he could taste the acorns in some Iberian acorn-fed ham. Then he went to a market, bought 4 bull's balls and had them cooked right there & raved about how good they were. Of course he also had squid in its own ink. Quite a show even though he didn't get to Basque country.