Monday, November 22, 2010


I have begun the massive project of buying all the baby items I need.  It is a little overwhelming because of all the items that need to be purchased before the baby arrives.  But I have a big long list and at least two moms have looked over it to confirm items and tell me items that should be added, which has been very helpful.  So I have this big long list but I am trying to get items that are budget friendly but still good quality and I am constantly looking for sales.  So far I have found two good sales for two big purchases. 

 One: a travel system, a car seat and stroller.  It was on sale at plus I got free shipping, found a five dollar coupon online and had a $10 gift card.  And Heath as already tried to stake his claim on the stroller. 
Two: We bought the crib last night since it was on sale at too, which was nice.  And again I found the five dollar coupon online.  It is a convertible one, which is what I was looking for, and has a darker color which I like better than the lighter colored cribs or the white ones. This one also is lower in height which will be helpful since I am so short.

And we are also lucky to be getting a rocking chair from Jeff's parents.  And we will be able to borrow a co-sleeper from a friend.

So now the process of transforming the guest bedroom into a baby room is a must.  Luckily the crib is on back order for a few weeks, so we won't need to deal with it just yet.  But I have gone on a crazy cleaning spree this week that is driving Jeff crazy because I just want to get rid of everything and he has a pack rat tendency. 

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  1. Love the crib! I will let you know if I come across any SUPER cheap deals online! Isn't this all so exciting?!?!?!?