Thursday, November 4, 2010

16 weeks

Still waiting to show.  I just look like I can't control my eating.  No major changes otherwise.  I can't really believe that I am this far along, time has gone by really fast.  Regular clothes still fit, which is nice.  People keep asking if we are going to find out the sex and we aren't.  But I have a small feeling it may be a girl based on how I look, which is awful.  I am having troubles sleeping lately, which is awful.  I am tired but I constantly wake up in the night, for no real reason but then have to resituate before I can go back to bed.  My cravings are mostly cheese, I eat a lot of cheese and it is always amazing. 
Jeff is going to be out of town next week, so I am not for sure how I am going to take a picture.  I guess I will have to figure something out, find a place to set the camera on.  We shall see. 
And I think we have finally decided on names!  I will hopefully announce them soon, but need to make sure Jeff fully agrees, it is really hard for him to agree on something.  He can be very indecisive. 


  1. I think you're showing a little! Can't wait to hear the names you've chosen. Sorry about Jeff's indecisiveness, but I'll blame it on his dad.

  2. Jeff- indecisive? That must be a Stilley thing :)

    I am tore on what I think you are having- I want you to have a girl (very selfish) so my baby girls have a girl cousin on the Stilley side, and I think by how you are looking and say your feeling that it's a girl........ But my gut is telling me it's going to be a boy.... hummmm :) We'll find out pretty soon :)

  3. Hey Megan, you are definitely showing!!! I think your going to have a boy, just because I keep saying him. :)

  4. i looked the worst with matthew...and ok with both maybe a boy!?

    and you are showing a look like Michelle and she is on her second one...pouchie...and cute