Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early Christmas Gifts

The in-laws were very kind and generous in their gift giving this year and gave us a certain amount to spend on a new camera.  This was awesome since we were hoping to buy a new and better camera before the little one arrived in April.  With our allotment we were able to find some good deals online and got a Nixon D3000, plus an extra long lens, plus a Flip video camera (we were also hoping to get a video camera before April).  I really cannot say how great these gifts are and how excited I am to use them. 

We received the cameras yesterday and proceeded to begin playing with them and what better subjects than the kitties.  I don't believe they were too amused by it, but they did decide to be cute and cuddly and now there is proof.  See the above picture, they are totally touching paws.  Also this camera is aaamaazing.  It takes such great pictures and the video camera works pretty well too.  So now I will be much better about uploading my Shutterfly and YouTube pages, there are links to the right. 

I am excited to start getting use to all these new features of the camera and understand how it works.  I plan on taking lots of pictures at Thanksgiving and Christmas to get some practice.  I am also super excited to take the camera to Spain and get some amazing shots.  So by April I will be a pro at taking pictures with this camera and start uploading lots of pictures of the little one. 

So I will leave you with some more cute kitty photos.
This photo has a soft filter, which can be done directly on the camera.
And here is Heath being too cute.

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  1. AWESOME! Glad to hear you found a great camera and went with the FLIP! Can't wait to see it in action! you won't regret this NIKON purchase- easily the best purchase we made before Anna was born!