Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Connections

It seems that technology keeps improving to make us more connected.  First there were land lines, then answering machines, then pagers, then home computers, then cell phones, then laptops, then texting, then Facebook, then Twitter, then smartphones, then iPads.  Each level makes us easier and quicker to reach.

Is this a good thing?  I feel the more we are connected through technology the less we are connected in life.  This article proves this point.

I wonder if being less accessible when only land lines or hand written letters were available made for better relationships.  That we each had down time, time for our brains to clear, time for our bodies to relax.  When a friend dropped by the house or called it was great.  You wanted that connection because it hadn't been happening all day.  Again read the article linked above it proves that this is true, we need to be unplugged from everything every once in awhile for better relationships.

Now with current technologies there are less opportunities for relaxation and constant opportunity for being tuned it.  Not only are there phones to keep us connected to the world, there are TVs with 24 hour news.  I wonder if this makes us more irritable with people in real life.  When we never get a break from a spouse, child, news, etc. are brains are frazzled.  We can now vent about those aspects of life on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  What if we didn't have those outlets?  Would we just calm down in the bathroom ( the only room with a closing door in our house), read a book outside, go on a walk.

I tend to think being less connected would make a difference, which is why I am choosing to use my phone only as a phone and not as a way to be constantly connected to social media and other outlets.
I know I am not alone in this thinking since I have seen many bloggers take a month off the internet.  Always describing it as awful and wonderful at the same time.  Example 1 and 2.

I know I have been guilty of overusing technologies to stay constantly connected, and personally it makes me a worse parent.  I am also guilty of wanting to talk to someone and expecting them to pick up their phone when I call.  I shouldn't expect that and I shouldn't be constantly connected.

When I take a step back I let my kid watercolor, read to him, not let him watch a video for several days which results in him not emptying all the dvds on the floor.  I capture some great moments on the camera.  We go outside on walks.  I read several books in a week.  It is good for me.  My brain feel clearer, I come up with good ideas, I can write.  It is all from being less attached to technology.  I also don't have to charge my phone everyday, which is crazy.  There are still moments where I want to pull my hair out but they are less frequent and I can better handle them when I haven't been on my phone or the computer all day.  

So maybe if you are feel in a funk or your brain is feeling clutter, take a step back and disengage from society a bit.  I bet it will help.

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