Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weekly Update

- I have transferred my blog subscriptions to Bloglovin' since it was easy, but I am still upset I have to switch from my beloved Google Reader.  How dare you Google.
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- Leland knows his colors now, which means he has to name the color of everything.  Depending on my mood it toes the line between cute and annoying.

- The Breakfast for Dinner cookbook is amazing.  I checked it out at the library and now think it is a must have.  We have made two very delicious meals from it this week and I am looking forward to making more before I have to return it.

- My hair is too long.  I decided to get a hair cut this weekend but I keep debating how short to actually go.  I am thinking shoulder length hair and planning on taking this photo to the salon.  In related news, I am scared.

- With some birthday money I bought this dress from the Gap and these shoes from the Walking Company.  I am very excited for warm weather to arrive so I can wear them.  Hello Spring, are you there?

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