Thursday, January 10, 2013

First memory

I  recently read this book and the author writes his first memory.  To me it seems like a very young age (around 18 months) to be remembering a moment in his childhood.  It freaks me out a bit that he remembered his childhood at that young of age.

My first memory is being at Disney World, I was 3.  I remember being on the Dumbo ride, vaguely the hotel room, the ride "Its a Small World After All" and that is about it.

This makes me wonder what Leland's first memory will be when he gets older.  Will it be something we did this week or last week or tomorrow?  Maybe he will remember his bison obsession and how we visit the Museum once a week on his request.  Or will he remember watching DVDs on the computer?  As if parenting wasn't stressful enough already, now I have to worry what his first memory will be and hopefully it will be a happy one.

Maybe I am just being crazy.

What is your first memory?


  1. I remember my mom chasing me through our house with a pillow case because I stole the pillow. We were both laughing; it's a good memory.

  2. I was thinking about this recently, too. Something happened, and I was like oh my goodness, will this be one of his first memories? My first memories were from when I was three, too, and even those aren't very specific.

  3. My first memory was when I was three also. I remember Christmas morning, being at grandmas, running out to the tree and seeing an Oscar the grouch slide Santa left. I will have to ask the kids what they remember.