Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Job change

At the beginning of December I decided I needed a change.

I wasn't  happy with by nanny situation for many reasons and so I talked to Jeff about it.  We decided it was best that I stopped working. This Thursday is my last day and I am really excited to spend more time focusing on Leland.  I am a big believer on doing what makes you happy (as long as it is possible and someone in the house is a sugar daddy).

I am still writing for 2nd Green Revolution and hoping to focus on that a bit more.  I really enjoy writing.  I am hoping this extra time will also allow me to write more on this blog.

Maybe with a bit of extra time I can also figure out Adobe Light Room that has been sitting on my computer taking up space for the past year.  Or start editing videos.  Or write/publish that journal article I have been meaning to get to since May. Or start taking more photos again.  

So many things I would like to accomplish but often my laziness takes over.  Such is life.

I am really looking forward to not working again.  2013 is going to be awesome.


  1. I am so glad to see you doing this! If it makes you happy it will be totally worth it!!! Good to see you back blogging too!