Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting over a good book is hard.

I just completed another book series.  Of course it was young adult because I can't stay away.  It was another series by Rick Riordan.  Was the writing that good?  No.  But the story and plot line really stick with you.  This time I read the Kane Chronicles, which was based around Egyptian gods.

I hate finishing a series.  It leaves me feeling empty.  I keep thinking about the characters and having dreams about the story.  I am completely lost on what to read next.  This can also be true for a really good non-series book.

Thankfully I have some tried and true authors that I go to after a good series has finished.

John Irving
Barbara Kingsolver
Tom Robbins

These are my favorite and every book I read of theirs I love.  So hopefully Irving can get me out of this funk this time.

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