Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Leland's favorite things

Here are some things we play with every single day.

Animal figurines.  These guys are an obsession for Leland.  He carries them around the house, sleeps with them at nap time, etc.  They are always around and we may have too many but it's okay.  I may also have a slight obsession with them.  I find them adorable and it is hard not to want one of each.
Felt animals and felt board.  He likes to get them all out of the bag and put them on the board.  He is a bit OCD about making sure they are flat on the board.
 Puzzles, puzzles puzzles.  Leland can do all the puzzles we have on his own now.
Sesame Street. He knows their names and plays with them for long periods of time.  It is awesome.  I am all about the independent play time.

There are other toys we play with too, but these are a must for Leland.  A bonus, they don't make noise.

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  1. Liam loves puzzles, too, and I'm pretty sure he would love that Sesame Street set. He has a stuffed Elmo and Cookie that he loves playing with.