Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to normal?

I am finally back home.  We have been gone the past two weeks.  First we were in KC visiting family, then we went to the Western slope for a long weekend.  The last part was a much needed vacation from being a single parent for 10 days.
Leland has been going through a heavy mommy phase.  I can't leave the room without him freaking out and crying.  I think all the traveling is making it worse.  He could also be teething.
Then once we got back from KC Leland came down with a fever.  This made him extra fussy but it also meant he took three naps a day for a few days (awesome).  But I think he his better now.
And now we are back to normal?  Not with our old routine, since tomorrow I start nannying.  I think Leland will really enjoy it but, it will be a new schedule for sure.  Hopefully he will keep with two naps a day.  

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  1. I feel the same way. I spent most of my long weekend doing laundry and lounging around the house because I was so ready to get back to normal after traveling then getting sick.

    Liam's been in the mommy phase lately, too. The traveling theory makes sense. He's also getting a few new teeth. I hope nannying works out for you guys and that things start to get back to normal.