Monday, May 14, 2012

I get it

I am now understanding how parents think their kid is the best.  The brightest, the smartest, the fastest, the funniest, etc.  Because watching a child grow from a newborn that cannot do anything, not even lift their head, to a baby that smiles and laughs, to a toddler that walks and talks- it is amazing.  How can you not think that is amazing and that your child is amazing for accomplishing those feats.

With that said, I may think Leland is the best, but he usually hits his milestones when he should, so he is average.  (not that there is anything wrong with that)

But I will gush about some new things he is doing lately:
- Animal sounds: He mooed like a cow when pointing at a cow picture the other day.  He roars like a lion occasionally, and we are working on more.  He is very close to making a whale noise.
- Signing: He does bath, light, milk, and now dog.  We are working on many more of course.  He has done 'all done' before but he is not consistent on it.  I also sometimes think he is doing please.
- Walking: He is walking all the time now.  He crawls only when he is tired.
- Tantrums: not everything is cheery and great, but these are definitely happening.  I try to ignore them as best as I can, and when he is not tired and having one he gets that I am not going to pick him and and stops.  When he is tired they just drag on and on until we go to another room or he goes to bed. 
- Copying:  He copies me when I do things now.  When I ask for his binkie, he now goes to put it under his pillow, because he saw me do that.  He likes to rub lotion in on himself.  When Jeff starts picking up his dinner, Leland helps put the food back on his plate.
- Trying to play with older kids: He followed a little girl around the park the other day, handing her toys and just watching her.  He doesn't like to be around kids his age that much, he always leaves the group for something else.  I don't think it helps that he is the only one walking. 

Watching Leland grow is probably the best thing I have ever done.

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  1. I agree - watching them go from the little squishy newborns that do nothing to these actual little people is amazing. I totally get it now, too :)