Friday, March 11, 2011

Suprise Shower

Yesterday at a monthly meeting I go to for environmental education graduate students I was surprised by a baby shower.  I was really taken aback that the group planned this and got me a gift.  They purchased the above item a babybrezza.  Not something that I had planned on buying but I am pretty excited to use it now.  It steams and purees food all in one thing!  I had planned on making my own baby food once we got to that stage but I was just going to use our blender.  But now this will make it even easier, that I won't have to steam the veggies myself, because this thing does it all for you.  Woohoo!  And they also brought lots of goodies to eat, such as chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, yum.  I am still surprised by how generous people are when you are having a kid, it is crazy but nice. 
The next two Saturdays we are taking a condensed childbirth class, which I am interested to see how that goes. 
I only have three more shifts at work!
And I am turning 25 in a few days, a lot is happening. 

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