Friday, March 4, 2011

33 Weeks

I feel that my hunger has finally subsided, which is good.  I am not constantly feeling ravenous and that when I get the chance I need to stuff my face with as much food as possible.
Sleep is getting worse, I keep waking up before my alarm along with many waking up periods in the night.  I would like to get as much sleep as possible now, but that doesn't seem to be in the plan. 
I still cannot believe how little time is left. 

I think some co-workers are going to have a shower for me and my manager, who is due a few weeks before me, in a couple of weeks, so that will be nice.  Speaking of work, I only have 7 days left! I am so excited to stop working.  But I do have a TA position lined up for the fall.  It will be only Friday afternoons and will pay a little, but anything helps.  It will be nice to have a little time away from home but not having to work more than one day a week.  

And look at how much that stomach has grown in four short weeks!

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  1. I think the no sleep thing is just preparing you for when the baby comes. Love the 4 week difference pictures :)