Wednesday, March 16, 2011

35 Weeks

Jeff was feeling left out in not getting to show his belly, so here it is.  Here is his non-changing stomach for the past 35 weeks.  So 35 weeks means there is only 35 days until my due date.  Discomfort is setting in.  My tailbone hurts a lot, it is really hard to get up from sitting.  And my nerve in my hip is starting to bother me.  Along with more back pain, foot pain, and stretching pain.  I had another appointment on Monday, I have officially gained 29 pounds since the beginning, that gives me 6 pounds and five weeks to stay in the limit, hopefully I can do it.  I have one more two week appointment and then it goes to one week appointments.  Had our first childbirth class on Saturday, I think it went well and was informative.  I don't think Jeff really knew what was going to happen, but now has a better idea and knows how to help in the process of labor.  I also got a nice massage during the class and those massages have kept going throughout the week.  The second and final one is this Saturday, where we also tour the maternity ward.  After the class there is going to be some haircuts involved.  Yes, that beautiful hair you see on the left is going to go bye-bye.  I finally got tired of him being called a girl and having white-trash hair.  It will still be longer than a normal male haircut but, not the length it is right now.  I think that is all for now.


  1. Looking great Meg! Hang in there!!! And LOVE the pic on the left :)

  2. Jeff is sticking that normally skinny belly out. Isn't he? Please tell me he is. And I can't believe he's getting that hair cut! White trash indeed! Glad the childbirth classes seemed worthwhile.

  3. Yes he is sticking his gut out, really he is a stick.