Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby's Room

So in preparing for a baby to be here soon, we finally got the second bedroom organized.  We took out the guest bed and rearranged everything so it looks just how I want it to.  My parents helped a lot with this.  They also brought out their really awesome vacuum and they vacuumed everything!  It is so nice having everything feel clean.  We also bought any missing baby items that were needed and washed everything.  All the clothes, blankets, sheets, etc.  It all got washed.  I am currently washing the cloth diapers.  Almost everything is done, which is a nice feeling.  I just have few more items to purchase and a few more things to do (pack hospital bag, get car seat inspected, put up co-sleeper) and everything will really be done.  The cats seem to think that we set up this room for them, surprise, surprise.  They keep wanting to lay in the crib, which I cannot always avoid, but it has a massive blanket over the crib so their hair won't get on the nice clean sheets. 
But here are a few pictures of the room. 

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  1. Looks good! I like the animal stickers on the walls, and Jim will be pleased there are a few of his photos on the walls. I've started the cross-stitch birth record which will hopefully be done & framed for you in a few months; before the child is full-grown anyway. Glad you are feeling good about having things ready for the urchin to arrive.