Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No more TV

About a week ago we got rid of our cable TV.  This is the first time either of us has not had TV ever.  Kind of a crazy thought.  It is also crazy how easily you are sucked into TV every night.  We don't have an antenna or anything of that sort at the moment and who knows when it will happen.  It is not one of my priorities right now.  But it has been really nice not having TV.  I feel more productive, I actually get stuff done at night and we actually use our table to eat at (crazy I know).  I am pretty happy with our decision thus far, and I am sure it will pay off in the end with having to buckle down and focus on finishing up this semester before a little urchin decides to make its appearance in the world. 
I feel like we are really starting to get back to the basics with life, which is nice.  We are currently making our own bread, yogurt, mayonnaise, mustard, kombucha, dish soap and laundry soap.  And as soon as we run out of bathroom soap and shampoo I will start making that stuff too. 
And today I turn a quarter of a century old.  Crazy to think that almost 10 years ago Jeff and I started dating, a lot has happened since then and I am really looking forward to the future to come. 

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