Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 weeks

As each week passes, I feel more stressed about how little time is left.  My sister in law just had her second child (congrats Jenny and Rob) and it really hit me how little time I have left.  She was only two months ahead of me.  Jeff of course said it made him excited and I am just worrying how I am going to get everything done in time.  
I also can't get over the fact of how big I am getting and how people keep reminding me.  I think I may have to start responding with bitchy comments so they get the point that it is not nice to point out how big a pregnant person is getting.  
I am currently having an obsession with grapefruit, something I usually despise.  This mixed with blueberries and cottage cheese, is my new favorite thing. 
Not much else to say except I am getting tired very early in the day now.  Which doesn't help with the school situation.


  1. Congrats to Jenny and Rob!!!! These last two months will fly by. When mom comes out next month she will help you get things ready. Dont stress, you will get it all done.

  2. HOW FUNNY!!! I totally craved grapefruit my third trimester too!!! And don't worry about the time- the baby won't know what isn't done... all he/she cares about is that he/she has two loving parents, a clean diaper, a safe place to live and sleep and gets fed. And I think you guys have that all under control :) Getting so excited for you!