Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today was the first day of the NFL season (well technically it was Thursday- Go Packers! but Sunday is the true football day) so in keeping with tradition, we headed over to our friend's house for the day to watch football...

And the Chiefs blew it. It was not a pretty game, and I am hoping it was just a fluke. I know they have a hard schedule ahead of them this season, but I am hoping for them to at least show some effort. Hopefully next week will be better, hopefully.

Leo was a good baby the whole day despite only take a few 30 minute naps. He was captivated by the TV, I told him he only gets to watch TV on Sundays, only during football season. It is pretty easy to enforce this when we don't have cable.

Here is our little football fan.

This is his "Oh, they lost?" face

"Maybe my cuteness will help them next weekend"

"At least this bib taste good"

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  1. Love the Chiefs pics! I always tell people that I teach my children a great lesson in loyalty and perseverance by continually supporting our local teams. :) Keeping my fingers crossed that next weekend will be a better game {not really holding my breath}.