Friday, September 23, 2011

One of the lucky ones...

So I guess I could be considered one of the lucky ones. One of those people that loses all of their baby weight while breastfeeding, plus a little extra (like 5 pounds extra). Yep that is right, I now weigh less than I did prior to getting pregnant. Say what?

But this wasn't on purpose, I swear. The only time I tried to lose weight after he was born, I wasn't really trying. I was just trying to get some muscle back that I had lost while being pregnant. So I did some Julian Michael circuit training for about a month and a half, but I haven't done it since school started. I did get that muscle back! but also lost some weight in the process.

I blame it on baby.

Not only is he literally sucking the life out of me, but a good portion of the time when I am trying to eat, he picks that moment to start crying or screaming or demanding to be fed.

I also put the blame on baby because I have self-diagnosed him with a milk sensitivity. This means I can't have ice cream! and have to limit my cheese and yogurt consumption. And I am a person that only eats full fat dairy, skim milk is for wussies. So there goes a good portion of my calories.
I came to this decision because after I eat dairy he screams with gas pains and vomits, a lot. I know babies spit up, but this would be pretty much his whole meal he would be regurgitating.

On top of that we generally don't keep snack items in the house, because then you just snack on them. So I was only eating three meals a day at best. Breakfast usually never gets finished and if it does, it takes at least an hour to eat - all because of baby. Meaning I was going to bed hungry, often.

But now we have some snack items such as hummus that is too salty (won't be eating that), hard boiled eggs ( my favorite), peanut butter granola bars, and some apple oatmeal muffins. I am going to be better about keeping this stuff on hand, and maybe making the hummus myself next time, so that I don't continue to lose weight. Because I don't want to lose anymore, I still want my clothes to fit.


  1. I also lost all of my baby weight (and thensome) from breastfeeding. I love it! After 3.5 months I was back to my pre-preg weight, and I'm now 6 lbs below that. Good job, dear!

  2. I hate you! No, just kidding- you are truly one of the lucky ones!@ what I would give to loose it without trying. I just have to watch what I eat and it eventually comes off- eventually!!! Mine should be all off though when I stop breastfeeding in 4 1/2 months.... 10 pounds we can do it :) Can't wait to see you all soon!

  3. Good for you, Momma! Sorry about no ice cream, I don't know if I would survive...