Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Over the weekend

This past weekend we...

Played in the 'spaceship' (that is what Daddy calls it), and sometimes Leo gets upset when you take him out of it. And when he wants to be in it, he will just stare at it. Here he is concentrating on licking the fabric piece.

Napped, Daddy caught us sleeping.

Saw some friends and Leo decided to be a bully. He kept trying to steal the red hat and shove it in his mouth! And see, he thinks it is funny.

Went to the Botanical Gardens.

Played some more. He is already giving me cheesy smiles, this is when I called his name.

And Leo tried solid for the first time. We did it for a couple of nights and then I decided he isn't ready. He wasn't against the food but he wasn't that into it either. He was really into the spoon though. And I think the solids gave him some digestive issues, meaning not pooping. So we are going to wait until he can sit up by himself, because that is suppose to be a good indicator for being ready to eat solids.
The only reason I decided to start was because I thought we was ready. Mainly because last week he grabbed an apple slice from me and started gnawing on it, but I guess he just wanted something to chew on.

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! We were at the Denver airport too long last Thursday, missing our flight to Grand Junction and on stand-by for two others before leaving at 8:30 p.m. Anyway, we had a great time in Paonia!!!! Hiked near Kebler Pass one day & near Black Canyon n. rim one day. The aspens were gorgeous. You have to get up to that area & go visit Bobby & Ruby someday. I think you'd love Paonia! Fresh peaches galore right now. Will send a few photos. Meanwhile, keep up the photos of Leo; he's changing fast.