Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Toodle Along Tuesday/ Public Baby

L loves to be outside and out and about. This past weekend, we were barely home and I think he really enjoyed it. Much more than I did, but I am a home body and enjoy being at home most of the time. The only problem with being out and about all the time is it messing up his nap times. Meaning, he refuses to nap, because there is too much going on for him to want to sleep. But he usually makes it up once we get home or at night.

Many people tell me what a good baby he is, and really I think he is just working for babies in general and trying to get people to have more babies. Because he really is a good baby when he are not at home. He isn't fussy and doesn't cry, he is okay with everything. It is once we get in the car or back home that he likes to have his fits. I guess this means I have to force myself to go out a little more. But soon enough school will be starting and we will be out and about everyday.

There has been some teething going on lately:

He still does not care for the bumbo:


  1. Oh, my gosh, he is so cute -- even when he cries. Wish I could be there to take him out and about more often.

  2. Good luck with the teething! My Monkey just finished getting his first four. Hopefully it won't be too painful for him (and you!)

    New follower from TAT.