Monday, August 15, 2011


So on Wednesday night we randomly decided to go camping with some friends, so on Friday we all packed up and drove to Guanella Pass, which is near Georgetown. We found a perfect place to camp near the river and set up camp. The men folk (including Macaroni) proceeded to find some fire word, while the women and baby kept the fire going. There were mushrooms that were found and just lots of absorbing the surroundings. It is so nice to escape the city every so often and hide in the mountains, even if it is just for a night. And the coolness of the mountain air was so refreshing. There was even still snow on the mountains once we got to the pass. It has been so hot in Denver this summer, so a night when a sleeping bag is a must, was wonderful. Leo snuggled with me all night in my sleeping bag, and he really seemed to enjoy the trip. I think we wore him out though, he has been rather tired that past couple of days since our return. Here are some pics of the trip, more can be found on Shutterfly.

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