Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Food News

There are two online articles that I would like to share that I found today.

One is about what is wrong with the food industry.
Why is it okay to have meat that is killing people but not the option to drink raw milk? It really does not make since to me. If you want your milk pasteurized then you can, no one is forcing you to drink un-pasteurized milk. But it is okay for you to eat turkey that may or may not kill you. Seems a little off to me, but the food industry is a little off. There are issues with regulation dealing with these big companies. Which is why the recall was only voluntary on the killing turkey meat, yep voluntary.
If this interest you at all you really should read Food Politics by Marion Nestle. It is a great book and really makes you wonder why hasn't the government changed food policy and regulations.

Also you should check out this link about how we all should eat a little less meat. For a while I was a vegetarian, then I started to eat meat again occasionally. Then I got pregnant and Leo only wanted meat and meat and more meat. If I didn't eat meat for a day, I felt like I was going to die of hunger. It was bad. But now that baby is no longer making me a pure carnivore, I am back down to eating meat once a week. I would really like to make this once every two weeks for a couple of reasons. 1. Because producing meat in the mass quantities that we do, is really bad for the environment and the animals. 2. When I buy meat I like to buy quality meat, that is good for me and for the animals, meaning not factory farmed animals and animals that are raised in a pasture; by buying meat with these specification it is more expensive. And I am okay with that! I think it is worth buying animal flesh that was not abusive and kept it awful conditions. But this also means that I can't afford to eat meat everyday or at every meal. But it helps me stay healthy as well, because fruits, vegetables and grains are awesome!

Anyway, I was getting a little ranty there, sorry. If you care at all about what you eat and how you eat, you should check out those links.

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