Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The reason for this post is to talk about little baby's sleeping lately.  It is awful.

Recently I have been really trying to make sure he gets around three-two hours naps a day with usually one other nap that ranges from 30- 60 mins.  By doing this I think it helps when it is time to go to bed.  He sometimes (like last night) likes to take two hours to fully go to bed, yep two hours.  And he is tired, he doesn't want to be awake anymore.  But if you lay him down after you think he is asleep he just opens his eyes and is wide awake.  And we start the rocking and singing process all over again.  But with enough decent naps, this is usually shortened. 

For a while we were getting a good stretch of sleep each night at least one long period, 4-6 hours, and then shorter periods, 2-3 hours.  Which is wonderful because it means I am actually getting decent sleep with dreams and all.  But this past week it is more him waking up every 1-2 hours the entire night.  That means no dreams and a very tired mamma.

Part of me just thinks (hopes) it is this age, since it got worse around 6 weeks and he is 7 weeks today, I am hoping it only last another week before we go back to longer sleeping periods.  And I really think this may be the case because also around 6 weeks he started crying more at bedtime, and with a new cry at that.  A dreadful cry, at first I was worried he was in pain by how it sounded.  But no he just wanted some swaddling and shushing and swaying and rocking, all at once.  

So hopefully this night sleep issue will work itself out soon and then we can work on naptime.  Currently he only sleeps during the day with me holding him or having him in a carrier, it would be nice for him to take a nap in his crib.  But again as soon as I lay him down, no matter how long he has been sleeping he wakes up and doesn't go back to sleep.

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  1. awhhh, poor you and poor him! we reallllly struggled with sleep FOREVER. one day i spent 8 hours trying to get a tired baby to nap and then he slept 20 minutes. trust me, IT WILL GET BETTER!!!!! they outgrow that funk but it takes a looong time!

  2. Sleep is the toughest baby issue of all. Sounds like you're doing everything you can. You didn't mention "white noise." Maybe you could try a noise machine or a loud fan right next to him if you haven't yet. We have a loud fan in the room where you & Leland will be here because it works so well for Anna's naps. Hang in there.

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  4. The honeymoon is over! :) It will get better- promise! We can talk more this Thursday (so excited to see you) on what has worked for my girls- what worked for Anna was different for Ashley.... in the meantime I remember reading that any nap less then 30 minutes doesn't count, and any nap over 30 minutes is what they need at that time. Knowing that- when my girls were Leo's age they pretty much went down 2 hours after waking up from their last nap and would be taking 3-4 naps.... the last one around 7 pm (and they went to bed around 9ish). I really didn't worry about the length as long as it was over 30 minutes. I tried my hardest by 3 months to be putting them in their crib for naps but sometimes the swing, bouncer or me holding them was the only thing that worked. You just have to keep trying.... :( As for night time- that's tough. With Anna we did a lot of nursing to bed (she didn't take a paci) and Ashley loves her paci so we lucked out with her. We still love the swaddle, noise machine and when things get REALLY bad and momma needs her sleep sometimes they sleep in the swing! Hopefully the little fella is just having a growth spurt! I feel your pain and hang in there! Will talk more Thursday if you want!

  5. I hope it gets better for you :(

    Around 7 weeks, my daughter started sleeping much longer strecthes at night, but stopped taking good naps! To this day (she is 5 months) she only naps for about 45 minutes in the afternoon.

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  6. Hey! I'm your newest follower over here from the Blog Toggle. We've had some serious sleep struggles here too. Hope it gets better for you soon. :o)


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  8. Aw, I know how hard that can be. Ryan went through the same sort of thing from about 3-4 months. I'm sure it's just a phase and he'll be sleeping great soon. Hang in there mama!

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  9. Following you back!

    I really hope your little guy sleeps soon and gives you some sleep too! It has to be the age thing and could even be a growth spurt. I remember those days. Just know that it will get better. Seriously.

    Have a great week!

    p.s. Love the name!!!