Saturday, June 25, 2011

2 months

We went to the two month appointment and the doctor says everything looks good, he is growing well. But he still has that pesky heart murmur.

He had three shots and he cried and cried, it was heart breaking. Usually when he cries or is really upset I do not get upset because I know nothing is wrong and I can soon calm him. But this time something was wrong, and I almost started to cry. He was fine with the first shot but with the next two he was full on screaming crying. Good thing the nurse was quick though, so I could scoop him up and calm him.

He then passed out on the car ride home.

I still cannot believe it has been two months.

His napping is getting a little worse, he keeps just taking cat naps and is getting overtired and cranky by early afternoon. Hopefully we can work on that. But his smiles throughout the day make it all better.
I am looking forward to him holding his head up so we can start using the bumbo, I think he will really like it so he can sit up and see everything.

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