Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cuddle baby

So Leo officially likes to be held all the time.  And I am perfectly fine with that but I do still need to eat and use the restroom and make sure the house is not a complete mess so it is difficult at times.  If I put him down he either wakes up or begins to cry and wants to eat.  I feel bad but I do need to grab breakfast or lunch occasionally.  This also means I smell bad a lot because showering has to work into when Jeff is home.  

Since he likes being held at all moments it means that while I am eating I tend to drop food on him a lot.  This also means he sleeps when I am holding him and at night he sleeps in the bed with us.  And it is so cute when I lay him down next to me and he immediately rolls onto his side so we are right next to each other face to face. I have to place rolled up blankets under his armpits so he stays on his back at night. 

So I need to learn how to do everything one handed or get better at putting on the baby carrier alone.  It has been really nice being at home. 

Nursing continues to get easier, but I still have yet to master the laying down position.  Once I get him latched and I start to slowly lay down he for some reason unlatches and it is hard to get him back on in that position.  I think this will become easier though as he gets older.  He also refuses to burp most of the time, but he doesn't seem to get upset after the fact so I eventually stop trying to get him to burp. 

We have officially started using cloth diapers.  I am still trying to figure out how to use them properly, it is hard that he is still a tad bit too small for some but I am forcing it to work.  But he looks so cute in them with his big booty. 

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