Saturday, May 28, 2011


As I said yesterday I found this great deal on craigslist.  I am now an avid craigslist stalker.  I check it at least a couple times a day to see if there is anything worth while being sold, only baby related items though.  And the same day that I found the awesome deal on the BabyBjorn, I found an awesome deal on baby clothes.

All of this for 30 bucks!

95 pieces of clothing, 11 pairs of socks and 14 pairs of shoes.  All the clothing ranges from 6 months to 2T, with most of it being in the 12 month range.  This means with this lot and the items from the garage sales I am set on clothing for about a year.  I probably need a few more pieces of 6-9 month size but overall I am set.  I cannot believe the awesome deal I got on these clothes!  And I am happy that some of the shoes are soft sole for when he starts walking.

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