Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cloth Diapers

I am very glad I have finally figured out how to use these cloth diapers so that we don't have leaks.  It took me a bit of time to figure out which ones work best at night and which ones are best during the day. 

I use four types: FuzziBunz, BestBottoms, BumGenius and SunBabies. 
For us, SunBabies with two inserts work the best at night.  Especially now that Leland is really just peeing at night now, and he pees a lot, hence the double insert.  All the others work great during the day.  Bum Genius are great for when we go out since they are velcro and no snaps are involved. 

At first he wasn't big enough for them, then they fit but I wasn't setting them up right to fit perfectly and we were having lots of leaks.  It was very frustrating but I just kept trying different snap options until I finally found what worked best.  While I was still figuring out what worked best at night we had to use disposable for nights and cloth during the day.  But even disposables didn't solve the issue, we still had leaks. 

And so I am glad it has been figured out because the last couple of days we have had some impressively pooped filled diapers.  And I am almost positive that it would have been an exploding diaper if it have been a disposable one. 

And he looks super cute in them.


  1. Yes, yes he does. Look at the chubby thighs!

  2. did you ever think you would be blogging about how someone fills up a diaper???? and of course he is a cutie!..look at that serious look...grandma patty