Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Carriers

Leland loves to held most of the day, besides a little bit of play mat time and tummy time.  And he naps the best when he is sleeping on me, so insert baby carriers here.  Our friends let us borrow their moby wrap and I really like it but once I have to take him out (to eat or change) I have to re-wrap it before I can get him back in because it gets stretched out.  But it is really nice, comfortable and he loves it. 
(I did the actually wrapping on this, Jeff just stood there.  The moby can be a bit daunting at first if you don't know how to wrap it.)

But I was hoping to find a carrier with a bit more structure so I could easily take him in and out without having to re-wrap or adjust every time.  I figured this would be helpful for outings and traveling.  So I started watching craigslist like a hawk for a couple of days. And yesterday I found an awesome deal: a BabyBjorn Active for $20.  20 bucks!  I could not believe it (they are normally around $100), so I quickly responded to the post hoping I was the first and I was!
The lady I bought it from was super nice and made sure I understood how to use it and put it on before I left.  I am so excited about this purchase.  I also got another great craigslist deal, I will post about it tomorrow. 

The best thing about these carriers is that when I know he is tired (once he becomes fussy and has been fed recently) I just put him in one of these and he falls asleep within a couple of minutes.  Best way for him to nap and it allows me to do what I need to around the house.  Maybe someday he will actually sleep in a bed by himself for a nap or nighttime, maybe.  

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